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Creating a stronger first impression for a global event production brand.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Copy Writing
Web Design
Web Development

The Challenge

From Playboy Halloween to Big Game Superbowl parties, Cinematic has been producing some of the largest and most legendary events in recent memory, but the presentation for their own company failed to match the gravitas and scale of the work they create for their clients.

The Solution

As their name suggests, every event produced by Cinematic becomes an elevated experience. "Elevation" became the core of the brand identity. On the website the use of larger-than-usual typeface and imagery and videos that encompassed the entirety of the screen were employed to create a more "dramatic" setting.

Logo Refresh

The original logo was ok, but lacked the presence that should be associated with the word "Cinematic." We decided on a simple san serif font in all caps that had a strong weight and simple proportions.

Brand Guide

Cinematic's overall identity is designed to both have is own presence and weight, while simultaneously fall into the background as their true brand is the exceptional work that they produce for their clients. As such, the brand guide focused more on the dynamic relationship between type and imagery.

Portfolio Website Design & Development

A large focus for the future strategy of Cinematic, is to produce more events and content in the tech, gaming and web3 space. Their overall brand and website needed to reflect that sensibility with a more modern and technical style.