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Industry veterans in cannabis create the highest quality products for an ever-growing audience.


Brand Strategy
Web Design
Web Development
3D Rendering

The Challenge

Cannabiotix is no novice in the cannabis world. Still, the legalization of cannabis at the state level has created new challenges to balancing its offering to 'OG' smokers and newcomers alike.

The Solution

We developed a fully interactive website that transports guests into the mad science world of Cannabiotix—Full of products untethered from gravity and plenty of information to help both newbie and veteran smokers come to sound decisions on what kind of cannabis-based product they would like to partake in.


As in the lab, some things are digital and some things are weird. To further differentiate Cannabiotix from the market, artwork plays an important roll in the identity. All illustrations employ a polygonal motif in a testament to mad science at CBX.

3D Product Renderings

Website Design & Development