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Maui CBD Collective

Creating a modern CBD brand while paying respect to the history and tradition of Polynesian culture.


Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Packaging Design
Copy Writing
3D Rendering

The Challenge

Maui CBD Collectives cares deeply about its community and local environment. Their intention is not only to become an authority on premium CBD oil but to be a thought leader in principles of horticulture and permaculture and ultimately connect these ancient techniques to the indigenous Polynesian culture of Maui as well as the integral means to cultivate high-grade CBD oil.

The Solution

Providing education is at the core of being a thought leader. The strategy came down to building Maui CBD into a hub where their audience can find material on the CBD/cannabis industry as well as education about horticulture and permaculture, which extends well beyond CBD, and allows for a broader conversation about the health of the human body and planet body, which can be summed up in the Hawaiian ethos.

Identity through authority and homage

Maui CBD Collective is a modern company, but wanted to be sensitive to the Polynesian culture while celebrating natural beauty of the islands. The color pallet reflects the rich hues found in the islands flora and fauna. Products are meant to look like flowers or fruit picked from nature itself.


The Seal

We took inspiration from the Caduceus, an insignia commonly associated with medicine and medical practice in the western world. The new seal for Maui CBD incorporates the taro leaf, an important staple of the Hawaiian diet, agriculture and health.

The seal is used to create a sense of authority—A "seal of approval" and authenticity to be used on all Maui CBD products and media.